Mothers Day Card – Children Seldom Misquote you

handmade mothers day card teaser

Well hello there and happy Sunday/Monday/whatever day you happen to be reading this post day!

Today, I am feeling very pleased with myself as, even though, mothers day isn’t until March 18th here in the UK, I have finished my mum’s card already!! How organised am I?! All I have to do now is hope that she doesn’t read this post between now and then or I might have to come up with another idea, and that would be a shame as the quote I have chosen is just perfect!

handmade mothers day card

My younger sister has this amazing memory when it comes to things that you have either said or done and shouldn’t have!  In fact this seems to be a bit of a family trait…if you happen fall head first into a puddle  with your knickers on full display to the world then, not only will my mum and sister laugh at you but, they are also guaranteed to bring it up at some gathering or another 10 years from now when you thought you were safe!   Unfortunately, I don’t have the same skill for remembering these things that they have … perhaps I should start carrying a notebook around with me so I have some kind of retaliation!

This week I am joining in with a few events that are happening around the web. Firstly, and as always, I am joining in with Handmade Monday which is hosted by the lovely Wendy over at 1st Unique Gifts.  On my travels around the interweb this week I came across ‘Make it Monday’ where paper crafters from all over the world can showcase what they have been up to this week so I will be joining in there for the very first time!  Lastly, and certainly  by no means least, ‘Sassy Cheryl’ who designed the gorgeous ‘angel’ you see on the card issued a challenge of ‘No Designer Paper’ this week so I  decided to take part in that.

Well that’s all for today, have a great week and please do drop by on Tuesday where I will be showcasing a new design!

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