Personalised Handmade Cards and Happy ‘Hump’ day!

Hello there,

I hope you are having a good week so far?  A colleague of mine at work calls Wednesdays ‘hump day’  meaning, if you imagine the working week as a hill, then Monday and Tuesdays are the climb to the top and  Wednesday is the middle so we are technically at the top of the hill or hump! The good news is that it’s all all down hill from here to the weekend…woo hoo!

Now, I was going to show you a new design today but to be very honest, ever since I launched on Sunday things have been a little hectic, which is great news for me, but, maybe not for you if you were expecting a sparkly new design!

It’s not that I don’t have any prepared, the truth is I  have a couple I am itching to show you! However, I wanted to take this opportunity  to answer the most common question I have been asked so far  ‘Can your cards be personalised?’  The answer is, yes of course they can!   In fact, below are a couple of examples of how customers have personalised the ‘ I Love You More Than Cake’ card… don’t they look great?

Personalised Handmade Cards

I have also been asked if I do customised cards and, again, the answer is yes!  You can have your card designed in any text, style or colours  that you like!  I completely custom designed a 50th Birthday for a colleague of mine yesterday and I will be showing that to you later this week.

Last, but certainly not least, a few very lovely people have provided me with some ideas of what to put on future designs, thank you very much!  Please keep them coming as I will definitely put them on my list!

Well, that’s all for today and I promise some fresh new designs will be appearing on your screens very soon!  Until then, enjoy the slide to the ‘bottom of the hump’

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Hello and welcome!

Hello there and a very warm welcome to Prettier in Ink!  I am so glad that you found your way here.

Please excuse the mess whilst I am putting the finishing touches to the blog and website!

So who are Prettier In Ink?  Well, Prettier in Ink was born to in order to try and bring happiness back to letter boxes all over the world!

With the invention of the email and, later, Social Networks, came the slow demise of the letter and note card!  Now all that seems to make it through our letter boxes are bills and advertising!  We appreciate that this is also due to many people living busier lives…but we have thought too!

prettier in ink note cards

You know that email you were about to send to your friend/mother/aunty/grandad…well..send it to us instead! Because, not only do we design and print our own beautiful, modern Notecards, we also write and print the note you want to go inside, then stick a stamp on it and post it for you!  How is that for convenient?!

Our note cards aren’t just any old note cards either… no siree!  We print the cards themselves on to 100% Cold Pressed,Cotton, 300gsm (that’s thick!)Paper and it looks and feels just lovely! The notes are then printed onto 100gsm Basildon Bond watermarked paper..well if something is worth doing it’s worth doing well right?!

We are just in the process of setting up shop at the moment but if you want to keep up to date with all the latest progressions then please do follow us by using the ‘keep us company’ option at the bottom of this blog!

Thanks for stopping by!