Handmade Birthday card – Eat More Cake!

Handmade birthday card - eat more cake

I have to tell you, I had soooooo much fun making this card!!  I always loved colouring in when I was little… I would spend so many hours carefully colouring ‘between the lines!  I did use to throw a bit of a strop though if I accidently coloured outside the lines or if my younger sister decided she wanted to ‘help’

I made this card for one of my very best friends who absolutely loves food!  No food is off limits as far as Anne-Marie is concerened , though she does have a particularly stong weakness for cake!

Eat more cake-Handmade birthday card

I thought this quote was very apt for her card!  Mind you,  I think she secretly believes that weekdays are also also ‘natures way of telling her to eat more cake’ and weekends too for that matter!

The image has been hand coloured using high quality artists pencils and the quote written using my latest favourite font crush!

I was going for more of a retro rather than cutesy look, I think I may hav just about pulled it off….what do you think?

I really hope she enjoys the card and that you do too!

Thanks for stopping by!



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