Happy Valentines Day!

Hello there and Happy Valentines day!  I hope you have had a great day whether you ‘believe in it’ or  or are of the opinion that you shouldn’t just show someone how much you love them on one day of the year!

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) my Fiance is a chef so I am destined for a life of meals for one on Valentines day!  We don’t usually mark the day in any special way as I am lucky enough to be with a man who spoils me rotten ‘just because’ …I’m gushing aren’t I?! Sorry!

I was pleasantly suprised this morning though to wake up to a beautiful box of chocolates and a single red rose…how thoughtful is that!  It really was such a lovely way to start the day and I set of to work with a huge smile on my face!

there is no remedy for love but to love more

I also felt a little bit guilty as I hadn’t bought anything for him.  I had taken the time to make him a card though (thank god!) so hopefully I managed to return the smile!

Handmade Valentines Day Card

The Sentiment is hand stamped and the ‘Butterfly is  a punched heart.  Simple but effective I think…exactly the look I was going for!

Well that’s all for today!  Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget that you can order any of the cards you see on this blog or, indeed, a card that has been custom designed to your specifications by Clicking on the ‘Contact Us/Order link.

Have a great evening, whatever your plans!




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